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Student Projects

Student Created Web Sites

Web Design Class Final Projects

Mr. Dodd's web design class had a variety of topics to select from for their final projects in the semester course. Below is a link to the projects.

Student Projects


I Matter Poster Project

Project between CYC and Lake Placid students

The poster project was phase one of a three part process that also involved 6th grade music classes writing radio jingles and computer classes creating public service announcements. The purpose of this project was twofold--have students research the issue of underage drinking and become more aware of those effects and to begin a campaign to unite the community to openly oppose underage drinking.

Photo provided by CYC

Kids holdig banners 3w.jpg

Make Time for Kids

Make Time for Kids is a project in conjunction between Lake Placid Middle School students and CYC-Connecting Youth and Communities. Students created self portraits in art class. The images were printed on banners and hung throughout Lake Placid.


The Lake Placid Goodwill Games Murals

In the fall of 1999, Mrs. Anne Rickard, Lake Placid High School Art Teacher, talked to her students about creating murals for the Goodwill Games. The students loved the idea. Sixteen students volunteered to come into the art room after school and in the evening to participate in the non-graded project.

The goal was for each team of students to work together and create a mural showing the spirit of sport, how sports enrich humanity, or winter sports.

Two works will be displayed at the opening ceremonies of the Goodwill Games. Two other works will be displayed in the community. One work will be selected and transported to the Summer Goodwill Games in Brisbane, Australia, in July of 2000.

The students in Brisbane will view our student's work via this website. Students in both locations will share information and ideas over the internet. Students in Brisbane will then design and complete their own mural depicting sports from the summer Goodwill Games. The combined murals will form the begining of a traveling student art exhibit which will accompany the games to each location where they are held in the future.