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Important dates

Nov 6 and 7 Youth Summit

Jan ACE Presentation

Environmental Club

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LPHS 2012-13 Climate Action Plan

1.      Casella Zero Sort Recycling- We plan to make the transition to this program smoothly by educating students, faculty, and staff about Zero Sort Recycling.

CONTACT PEOPLE- Hanna Potter, Julianna Matos

2.      Energy Efficiency Campaign- We would like to decrease our energy output by taking an inventory of our usage, giving power strips to teachers so they can turn off their electronics at night, carpooling, and changing lightbulbs to CFL’s or LED’s.

CONTACT PEOPLE- Carleigh Garrett, Chris Kordziel, Mr. Brunner

3.      Earth Day Celebration- We’re hoping to ban plastic water bottles by handing out reusable bottles to each student, and educate about how to improve out environment.

CONTACT PEOPLE- Elizabeth Leff, Mary Kate Graham

4.     Outdoor Classroom- We would like to build an outdoor classroom for teachers to use with Adirondack chairs, wifi, and an open space for students to connect with the world around them.

CONTACT PEOPLE- Erin Weaver, Andrew Meister, Hunter Wilson

Youth Summit


Lake Placid’s 2010 Climate Action Plan

1) Transportation Goals

     a. Educate: make a billboard/poster for parents to see how much $ and percent of carbon emissions come from kids driving and being dropped off at school

     b. Offer Incentives to ride the bus

            Punch card system  Starbucks points

            Bus riding parties???

     c. Policy: Students participate in ADKCAP transportation discussions and meetings. Student Green Ambassador works on school improvement committee and discusses greener busing options.

2) Garden goals

     a. Educate:

          2 Saturdays of each month work on a local farm to learn how to grow food and to barter for soil, seeds, and sustenance. Dec. 4 and 18, Jan 8 and 22, Feb 19, March 5 and 19. ( Note March 19 and beginning of April = maple sugaring project.)

          Post regular gardening projects and field trips on env. club website.

     b. Indoor Plants: plants in the classroom can  food, better air quality, increased humidity in dry winter months, beauty.

            Offer Spider plants for teachers on the darker side of the building try to grow cherry tomatoes and herbs (dill, basil, rosemary, oregano, mint) in classrooms

            Need to investigate hanging pots from the ceiling large pots and look for window boxes that will fit on

            Talk to Mr. Wissler’s students about growing hydroponic lettuce for the cafeteria

     c. Outdoor Gardens:

             community garden: carrots, cucumbers, herbs (chives, oregano, basil, dill, rosemary), lettuce, cabbage, beans, sunflowers

     d. Youth center: potatoes, celery, zucchini, pumpkins, lettuce, tomatoes, flowers

     e. Compost:  Get load of manure for bins and for gardens

               Coordinate with Al about making our compost system work (possibly build shed for our compost tumbler: need to move closer to school??)

3) Recycling

     a. Find an environmentally friendly way to deal with our E-waste

     b. Implement battery recycling program – monitor success /pound


i. Goal = 150 drop-offs of batteries

c. Bottle and can recycling program  

Our Mission Statement

The Lake Placid environmental club’s mission is to raise environmental awareness at school and in the community and to establish Lake Placid High School students as leaders in sustainable living.  We plan to do this by establishing recycling programs, promoting the school garden, and participating in environmental activities.

LPHS community garden

water treatment plant 048.jpg water treatment plant 077.jpg water treatment plant 086.jpg water treatment plant 117.jpg

Students Participate in 350 Awareness Day

Students Participate in 350 Awareness Day